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Asphalt Crack Filling Basics | Houston, TX

Asphalt Crack Filling Basics | Houston, TX, houston asphalt companiesWhether due to sloppy workmanship or the inclination of asphalt to expand and constrict during temperature fluctuations, cracks in your asphalt pavement are an inevitable occurrence. Cracks in the surface of the asphalt pavement allow water to seep down into the base and subbase, causing damage that results in potholes, a severe pattern of cracks known as alligator cracking and other deterioration. Asphalt will develop cracks, but there is something you can do to minimize the potential for major damage and prolong the life of your asphalt pavement, saving money in the long run. It is very important to address the issue of cracks as quickly as possible. It is far easier and less expensive to fill cracks early than to deal with the potential major damage that a crack can cause.

Asphalt Crack Filling Basics | Houston, TX – How Cracks in Asphalt Pavement Are Filled

The process of filling cracks in asphalt pavement begins with thoroughly cleaning the crack to be filled. This is often done with compressed air or a hot-air lance. All debris must be removed from the crack. A high-speed, motorized steel brush or wire wheel is often used to facilitate the process. Routing the crack with a motorized carbine-tipped flailing star may also be necessary to create an even, smooth surface for better adhesion of the crack filling material and to aid in future expansion and contraction issues.

After the crack is thoroughly prepared and cleaned, it must be dried. Compressed air is typically used to ensure that the inside of the crack is completely dry. At this point, the fill material can be inserted. There are fillers that are applied while cold, but there are also fillers that must be heated in a melting kettle or through other means of bringing the material to the required temperature. The determination to use a hot or cold crack filler will depend on the severity of the crack as well as whether it is working or non-working. Working cracks are those that are actively continuing to grow; non-working cracks are those that have reached their expansion limits.

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As a full-service paving contractor, LDC Paving understands the different types of cracks that can develop in asphalt pavement as well as their usual causes. We are a Houston asphalt paving company and have the expertise to ensure that any cracks in your asphalt pavement are properly repaired so that you can prolong the life of your investment in pavement. In addition to asphalt crack repairs, we also offer asphalt and concrete paving, asphalt overlays, parking lot striping and pavement markings, sealcoating, speed bumps and bollard posts. We also install traffic signs and wheel stops. Our crews deliver superior work at reasonable rates. If you have more questions about Asphalt Crack Filling Basics | Houston, TX, or would like to request a free quote, you can submit the online form or call (832) 640-7296.

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